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013K Tri Blend Select Banana flavor


Product overview
Tri Blend Select is a delicious creamy protein shake that provides nutrition from natural sources and a delicious taste. With a unique combination of high-quality natural ingredients, Tri Blend Select is also rich in fiber and low in sugar. We have carefully selected a premium vegan blend to provide a source of complete protein that provides all of the essential amino acids, vitamin C and 7 important minerals from natural sources.

Nourish your body and spoil your taste buds!
Major benefits
20 g of proteins per serving, which contribute to the maintenance of muscle mass.
Only 151 kcal per serving.
6 g of fiber per serving.
Free from gluten and dairy, natural sweetener, no dyes
and only natural flavors.
Quick Facts
Vegan mix of pea proteins, quinoa and organic linseed.
Rich in proteins and fiber and with vitamin C to combat fatigue, maintain a normal immune system and maintain a normal function of the energy metabolism.
All-natural vegan ingredients for your nutritional needs.
Low in sugar - full of flavor.
Enjoy Tri Blend Select at any time of the day. Shake the packaging carefully before each use as the contents may clump. Mix 3 tablespoons (40 g) of powder with 250 ml of water or your favorite milk alternative or fruit juice ***.
Enjoy this product as part of a balanced, varied diet and as part of a balanced, active lifestyle.
Adjust the amount of liquid to the consistency you want.
Check MyFoodboost.nl for extra recipes.
*** When mixed with fruit juice or any other beverage, or when the amount of liquid is adjusted, nutritional values ​​will vary.