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Use off the Herbalife products

We are regularly asked how to use certain Herbalife products.

Therefore, below an overview of the Herbalife products with the instructions for use: Measuring is knowing

The day you start the program, measure the size of your chest, waist, hips, upper arm and thigh in the morning after the first toilet.

You do this again after 1 week, so that you, and possibly your coach. keep track of the results.

Then you measure yourself once a week on the same day.

Formula 1 nutritional shake Mix 2 tablespoons (26 grams) of powder in 250 ml (soy) milk (low-fat or semi-skimmed), fruit juice, low-fat (drinking) yogurt.

For weight management: Replacing 2 daily meals with a meal replacement product as part of a low-calorie diet contributes to weight loss.

So replace 2 meals a day with a delicious Formula 1 Nutritional Shake and also eat one balanced meal.

For a balanced diet and weight maintenance: Replace one meal a day with a delicious Formula 1 Nutritional Shake and also eat two balanced meals. If you mix Formula 1 in fruit juice, we advise you to also use the Herbalife Personalized Protein Powder. You can mix the shake with fresh fruit.

Formula 1 meal replacement bar You can use the meal replacement bar at any time of the day. Fiber and herbal tablets Take 2 tablets with each meal, three times a day. Cell Nutrition 1 capsule, three times a day. Instant tea drink with herbal extracts Mix half a teaspoon (about 1.7 grams) with 200-250 ml of hot or cold water. Multivitamin complex 1 tablet, three times a day with meals.

Thermo Complete 1 to 2 tablets, twice a day. To be taken mid morning and afternoon. Formula 3 protein powder Add an average of 1 level tablespoon of powder (6 grams) to the shake. Possibly an extra portion with the normal meal. Yellow tablets Two tablets a day between meals. Protein bar One to two bars a day as a snack. Liftoff Dissolve one tablet in 250 ml of water. You can take 1 tablet per day.

HERBALIFE 24 Hydrate Mix 1 stick with 500 ml of water and shake vigorously.

Rebuild Strenght Mix 50 grams of Rebuild Strength with 250 ml of water. Shake well. Consume within 30 minutes after exercise.

Rebuild Endurance Mix 5 level spoons (50 grams) with 250 ml of water. Shake vigorously. Consume within 30 minutes of anaerobic activity. This product should be used as part of a balanced and varied diet along with a balanced lifestyle.